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We Lead Shoppers To Vintage, Resale, Antiques, Repurposed, Flea & Art Markets, Crafts, Diy'ers & More w/ a PAPER GUIDE, SOCIAL MEDIA, RADIO & WEBSITE TOOLS.


Popular since 2006, we circulate 120,000 copies a year. Most guides go to the places we feature in WI, IL, IN, MI - stores on BigMap. About 1/3 go to corporate & retail locations, tourist bureaus, hotels, salons, apts., strip malls, Michigan Brochure Service's 120+ West Michigan locations and more. The paper guide is also online here - table of contents p.6-7.


Every month we share the posts, sales, events & ads (of the stores we serve) with our 33,000 Fb followers in IN, IL, MI & WI. We post these advertisers' promotions on both our Facebook pages: BTH2 / 27,500+ followers and  BTH / 5,500+ followers 


In Oct. 2019, on The Radio Shopping Show we interviewed 5 stores and discussed how we help stores in this niche grow. Listen here or watch on Facebook Live here. We're probing more radio opportunities in 2020.  


Our online tools lead shoppers to store sales, events, items and more from their phones or laptops. From our homepage Hunt by Phrase > Search (top left), Hunt by Distance > Zip (top left), Hunt by City > (alphabetical, bottom). The interactive BigMap displays all the places we feature, where color map pins locate stores and displays their links. Click a pin for links to that business's name (whick links to their online page > example), contact info, social media, web page, directions, business descr., video, print ad, coupons, more.  

Our annual rates start at about $1 a day. Many have endorsed us. Contact us at 847-781-1729 or .


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