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We guide shoppers to the great finds of Vintage, Resale, Antiques, Repurposed & More. Here is guidance to the Greatest of All Finds. This page was originally posted in response to a customer asking us for spiritual encouragement while fighting cancer. Since then, others have found these resouces helpful in regard to common life issues, suffering, questions, etc.    
Is God real? Can I trust His power & love to help me overcome, to give me purpose & meaning?  
Scientific Reasons to Believe in Christ (41 min video, Dr. Hugh Ross) 
Mere Christianity C.S. Lewis (free e-book, a commendation by WSJ)
After Life? Evidence for Jesus' Resurrection (short video series), The Case for Christ (71 min video)
Is God Love? DesiringGod.org (short blog)
How can I know God personally? Illustration summary (3 min video), 4 Spiritual Laws (webpage) 
Can God repurpose my perspectives & choices? What are You Living For? (4 min video)



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