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We're T R E A S U R E   H U N T E R S. We enjoy the thrill of the hunt and the joy of great finds. As enjoyable as these are, they can't meet our deepest needs. The most significant Treasure is our Creator. When we invite Him to lead our lives, we discover the joy, love, peace & meaning we're made for. It's our hope these resources help you get to know and trust God better. This page was created in response to a customer asking us questions while she fought cancer before she died.  
Mere Christianity C.S. Lewis / free e-book (a commendation by WSJ)
BeThinking Explore Hard Questions
The Case for Christ  The 2007 movie
How Science & Faith Agree  Dr. Hugh Ross (from Reasons to Believe )  
How can I know God personally?  
Illustration summary (3 min video)
The 4 spiritual laws (multiple languages)



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