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We lead shoppers to the great finds of resale, antiques, repurposed & more. Here's a guide to the Greatest of ALL Finds, the Greatest Repurposer ever - guiding life's BIG questions. They aren't exhaustive, but quite valuable!
Is God real? If so, does He have the power and love to help me overcome & give me purpose and meaning?  
Cosmic Reasons to Believe in Christ (41 min video, Dr. Hugh Ross) 
Mere Christianity C.S. Lewis (free e-book, a commendation by WSJ)
After Life? Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus (short video series)
The Case for Christ (71 min video)
How can I know God personally?
A brief, illustrative summary (3 min video)
4 Spiritual Laws (webpage) 
How can God repurpose the perspectives, the choices of people?
What are You Living For? (4 min video)
Though work can sometimes be mundane, how can it be empowered & meaningful?
Work as Worship (3 min video) 
Commitment to Bible teaching, fellowship and prayer strengthens your relationship with God!



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