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Our Travel Guide to Classic Finds features Vintage, Antiques, DIY, Arts & Crafts, Resale, Historic Museums, Inns & B&Bs and Classic Eateries & Attractions in WI, IL, IN & MI. We inspire road trips to these using a popular digest MAGAZINE, SOCIAL MEDIA and our WEBSITE MAP. 
Started in 2006, you are featured in our popular, annual digest magazine that's used for years. 120,000 copies are circulated through the businesses featured, to corp. locations, tourism bureaus, retail stores, Michigan Brochure Service's 150+ locations and other retail locations. 
Your business is shared twice a month with our 30,000+ Facebook followers. Your business page is tagged on every post (so you know it's shared) on both of our pages: The Vintage Treasure HunterThe Treasure Hunter
Your online page we create for you is displayed when your name is clicked on your map pin, shown on our interactive advertiser map: This map link is printed on all pages in the paper guide and displays on all social media posts to direct users to the online map for their road trips.  
Since 2006 we've been given many good reviews. Some are here.
Email us at or call us at 847-401-7853.  

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